The Story Behind KYIR

The Story Behind KYIR

You’re obsessed with your KYIR serum. That didn’t happen by accident. It was all part of creator William Kirst’s mane plan.

Plagued with his own hair issues, William Kirst searched far and wide for a product that would meet his needs. First, there were the endless purchases that led to lackluster results. Then, he began researching ingredients that would give him the results he craved. Label after label, nothing seemed to contain what he needed to make his hair grow the way he wanted or needed. Frustrated, Kirst knew a true hair solution was missing from the market. He knew it was his job to fill that void. And KYIR was born. We caught up with Kirst to get the full story on how this active hair serum began, why it’s better than the alternatives and what we can expect next from the clean beauty brand. 

What prompted you to make KYIR? 

I struggled with personal hair loss for many years. I wanted to create something that was effective but also safe for daily use. Clean beauty active hair products were a slim market, so I decided to do something about it. 

Who did you have in mind when you created the line? Was it yourself? 

Yes, originally. I was tired of purchasing serum after serum that, when I actually studied ingredients, I found most didn’t have any effect on hair health. And if they did, the active ingredient was so low on the ingredient list it was not effective. I couldn’t be the only one looking for a simple product. I needed something that worked and was concentrated with clinically studied ingredients that didn’t weigh hair down. I couldn’t find it, so that’s how KYIR was born.

What's your background in the hair and beauty industry?

It feels like I have worked in beauty forever. I began in Manhattan behind a counter, but grew from there. I worked for more than 10 years directly with Trish McEvoy. I loved this position, but became more interested in the cleaner alternative of beauty. I began at RMS, from master makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift which is known for its clean formulas. I have worked with many major clean brands. 

Tell me about the ingredients in KYIR? 

KYIR’s magical ingredient is Redensyl, a Swiss growth ingredient that has up to two times better results than its prescription competitors. That means KYIR contains patented ingredients that not only work but work better than prescription hair growth alternatives. It also has Follicusin, which is a hair loss treatment that stimulates growth by activating cells at the base of the hair follicle. 

What makes KYIR work and what makes it unique to other products that promise similar results?

Great question. Most of these products that are similar claim to have active ingredients for growth. However, those ingredients are at the bottom of the ingredient list, which means they aren’t at a concentration to actually have a studied effect. KYIR has products that are highly concentrated and very effective. I also gave it a volumizing effect. Most of these serums are heavy and weigh down your hair, which is something that works against people with thinning hair. We need volume. And that’s what KYIR delivers. 

Why is clean beauty important to you? 

Clean beauty should be important to everyone. The skin is our largest organ. What we put on our skin and scalp is absorbed. I, personally, also want to bring people the best ingredient alternatives to harsh chemicals. I want to educate others that we don’t need toxins to get even better results. KYIR is proof of that. 

Who is Kyir for? 

Everyone: men, women, hair of all textures and lengths. Give it a try and you will be a fan. 

How does it work? 

Kyir’s active ingredients target stem cells in the hair follicle. Those active ingredients are Redensyl, which is the most advanced ingredient on the market today. It actually strengthens and thickens hair at the follicles. Then, there’s Follicusan, which uses bioactive ingredients like milk proteins, vitamins and amino acids to reduce hair loss by activating cells at the base of the follicle where hair grows. It also protects hair from damage, so KYIR has a range of healing options for a variety of hair needs.

What's the best way to use it? 

This is my favorite question because it’s any way you want. I designed KYIR to be used a.m. and p.m. on wet or dry hair. It’s more than just a growing serum. It even acts as a styling volumizer, too, so when paired with a blow dryer, the sky's the limit—literally. 

And how often should it be used?

That’s the best part. It’s clean beauty, which means you can use it as much as you want. 

What kind of results can clients expect and when can they expect to see those results? 

You can look forward to longer, fuller, more voluminous hair. Eighty-five percent of clients see results in 12 weeks, and some see those results even sooner. 

What's next for Kyir? 

Stay tuned. We are going to change the limits on clean hair care!

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